I travel and work with some projects with my mother. (She will graduate in photographic design, june 2016!). And this year we where part of the ‘kunstroute’ in our hometown. I’m working on a project about the burqa. In first instance I wanted to explore the mysterious and beautiful grab through photography, research and the woman who wear it. But besides that I think people often have thoughts about something without knowing where the thoughts are coming from. The media has a large influence, social surrounding, culture etc. The media is not always very positive about the burqa. Sometimes it’s also just hard because its far away from our personal life. How is it possible to have (sometimes such a strong) opinion about something without exploring and having grounded reasons? We were curious about how people react to wear a burqa and feel, see and explore. We had many good conversations about it and people really liked to have this possibility. You can see the series here.

Kunstroute 2015, point of view Kunstroute 2015, point of view Kunstroute 2015, point of view